Tomorrow is Super Bowl LXIX, or whatever, between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49’ers. An estimated 180 millionĀ  will watch part, if not all, of the game. I might skip it.

I’ve watched part of all of them, from the Packers pounding the Chiefs to Ely pulling off another one. But this one has no cache.

I don’t care about the Harbaugh Bowl. I didn’t like Jim when he was at Michigan or with the Bears. And I can’t root for him now. John Harbaugh? He often looks like a loan officer on his way to a golf outing.

I suppose I could root for the city of Baltimore. But then they caught a break when the Browns moved into town and they got their championship. And as best I can tell Cleveland still doesn’t have a professional sports franchise.

I’m not big on the look either. Nothing says “thugs” better than the black and purple uni’s. And let’s face it. Ray Lewis can praise and thank his maker all he wants, to me, he’s still a gangster.

I do like Joe Flacco, the Ravens QB. He’ll finally get the recognition he has deserves. And he saved us from 4 hours of looking at Brady’s dimples. But the rookie Niners QB, Kafwhatever, has also been brilliant the few times I’ve seen him play. Too bad about the tats.

Kaepernick has been hot. San Francisco has a couple of talented running backs with a huge offensive line. And, frankly, the defense has looked like the strength during the year. I’d have to say the 49’ers would be my pick in the game.

Except my brother roots for them. In fact he has rooted for them for decades. He’s already had his Super Bowls, a couple of them. I have been a Lions fan for decades. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I can’t root for San Francisco.

The best thing about the Super Bowl? It won’t be long until pitchers and catchers report.