Oh, No. Not the Red Sox!

June 11, 2011

I don’t want to root for the Red Sox. Just the name makes me queezy. Sure, I will worrying about their prospects. But, frankly, I have no choice.

The Tosa little league season was about to begin. Andrew and I had gone on the web site when rosters were first posted. He was nervous wondering who had picked him, whether friends would be on his team, how the uni’s would look, and what number  he might wear. They are the concerns of many 11-year olds player.

We were scrolling the list for each team. “Hey, there’s Mathew’s team – the Tigers.” At that moment I noticed all of the teams represented an American League club. He had graduated from the “Minors.” I got it. Dad was a little slow on the up-take. Rays…..A’s…..White Sox…..Rangers…..             

How many of the kids would be enthusiastic starting the season with “Orioles” or “Mariners” on their chests. “Yankees” rolled by. Too bad. My team.

And there it was: Red Sox.  Andrew Nicol will play for the Red Sox.

I don’t like the Boston Red Sox. I have never liked the Boston Red Sox. Growing up in northeast Jersey I had no time for the Boston Red Sox. 

“Look, I’m on the Red Sox!” “That’s great,” I faked. “May be I’ll get ‘8’ like Yaz.” “Cool.” I was trying to sound excited. “Or Pedroia.” Sure. There have to be enough miscreants in the Boston clubhouse to cover uni’s for 13 kids. Or how about Manny? Frank Malzone?

Andrew sensed my mood. “It is just a uniform, Dad. We don’t get real ones. I’m sure we’ll get a red jersey and red cap.” He was assuring me that it was going to be all right. What was the matter with me?

“Of course this year I have to root for the Boston Red Sox because my team is the Red Sox.”

He’s out of the Will.


5 Responses to “Oh, No. Not the Red Sox!”

  1. Mark Johnson Says:

    Great post. It has a happy ending. Andrew plays for the beloved Red Sox and you learn to love what once you hated. Some might call it poetic irony. I call it justice.

  2. William Nicol Says:

    Arent you the guy that wrote the blog not long ago pointing out that the Brewers were already mathmatically out of it?……hhhhmmmmm

    • rjnicol Says:

      True. True. They are very hot. They are on a course to win 93. And I’m a big fan. But…… they have the worst road record in baseball. And the next 2 weeks looks like: Wrigley (3), Fenway (3), the Rays (3) and Twins (3) at home and off to NYC for the Yanks (3). If they are “hot” and in First after that the value of my ticks go through the roof.

  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    The Tosa Red Sox are linked to the Boston Red Sox share a common link, the DNA that leads from Ted Williams, Lonborg, Yaz, Pedroia, Becket, Lester and on and on to Andrew. I know your son will make Sox fans proud.

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