Swept Up—- by a Pulitzer

April 19, 2011

It could have been one of the worst Mondays in a long time. But, in the end it was fantastic, memorable.

The Brewers were swept by the Washington Nationals over the weekend in DC. The Nat’s had been 5-7. What’s worse the Brewers had won 7 of 9 after starting the season getting swept by the Reds. 

Sure, it was only 15 games of 162. But it was a bad start. And, the Crew would be starting a 3-game series with Philadelphia Phillies, the odds-on favorite to get to the Series. The year wasn’t going to collapse on April 18th, right?

I was mulling the question during the 10 am Water Aerobics class at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. Water aerobics hadn’t been my idea. For a couple of reasons, I have the hips of a 12-year old collie. Kathleen had demanded I go.

The first time I attended a session I looked around the lobby and thought “Not bad. A group of 60-year old guys attempting to stay in shape.” Then I realized these guys were dropping off their 80-year old mothers.

I changed my focus to the fact Kate and I had sent out our taxes over the weekend. That was great. We signed the return with 3 days to go. Good thing. It was snowing.

It’s Monday morning. The Brewers had been swept by Washington. I was bobbing in a pool with octogenarian to the beat of disco. I had just sent a check to the Feds. It was snowing.

Brutal. And then, the most fabulous thing in the world happened.    

Kathleen, my wife and partner, won the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in the category of “Explanatory” for a series covering treatment of a little boy, Nic, and DNA sequencing. Kate was one of the reporters and photographers who had followed Nic’s challenges over 12 months. It is an incredible story. And Kate and her colleagues got it all down. You can read the series – “One in a Billion” – at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (www.jsonline.com).

It was a most beautiful day. Like no other.


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