Let’s Hope Albert Hits .275

April 7, 2011

St. Louis Cardinal outfielder Albert Pujols is off to a terrible start for the 2011 season. And it couldn’t be any better for this baseball fan.

The 31-year old Pujols is the best player in Major League Baseball. And he’s got the statistics to prove it. In his 10-year career Pujols has produced a batting average of .331, 409 home runs, and 1231 runs-batted-in. He has 3 Most Valuable Player Awards and 4 Silver Slugger Awards. He received the 2010 Golden Glove Award as best fielder at his position. He is going to the Hall of Fame and be the greatest ever.

But he’s not worth the money he is asking the Cards to pay over the next 10 years. His current contract – expiring this year – pays Pujols $111 over 8 years. He’s seeking a new contract worth $300 million over 10 years!

Those terms would be bad for baseball. Let’s respond to those who think the Cards should pony up:

1. The Cards have a chance to “lock” him up.   He’s 31. If they sign him for 10 years, what happens when at 36-year old he’s batting .275? There won’t be a designated hitter in the NL (at least I hope not).

2. Won’t his productivity just continue? Is he going to hit 50 HR this year? Next year? Five years from now? No.

3. Hasn’t he been a model citizen, an example for kids, and a credit to the game? Yes, but I assume he would be all those things at $111. What, he’s a better person at $300 million?

4. A high tide will float all boats. Won’t the players benefit from Pujols contract? Some. Pujols’ contract might be a measure/a target for the elite players. But, it could cap the amount available for average players. The Union may have a problem.

5. Shouldn’t he be able to get whatever he can? Sure. And in the course of doing so he could wound the game. How much is enough?

Pujols might find out there are few takers. Only a few clubs could consider a deal that size. The Red Sox, Yanks and Phils are set. The Cubs would have the need and the cash. They wouldn’t be that foolish would they? Hmmm… 

Here’s hoping he hit .275.


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