A Doubleheader: Mozart and Handel

March 28, 2011

I enjoyed the brilliance of two historic artists last week. No, not Koufax and Drysdale. Not Mantle and Maris. I attended the Milwaukee Symphony’s performance of Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks and Mozart’s Concerto in E-flat major for Two Pianos and Orchestra.

I never played an instrument  (at age 13 I slaughtered a trombone for 2 months). But like most I know what I like (Allman Brothers, Stones, Doors, Randy Newman) and that includes classics by a really good orchestra. That’s MSO performing Handel and Mozart.

(Note: A great concert is Newman with the MSO. He was classical trained, is a noted American composer, and a great lyrist. Of course the uninformed think “Short People” and Disney.)

The concert started at 11:30 on Friday. I was one of the younger patrons in the hall. I didn’t even get a discount.

Kate got me there on time. She’s noted for being late. I got a $30 seat. Cheap. It was located in the middle of Row 3.  Unbelievable!

The Handel piece was written to commemorate the victory of Austria with Britain.  The 1749 celebration actually “back-fired” when the explosives  ignited. It resulted in the site burning and destroyed. Two died. Great piece though.

It was time for Mozart. I was excited and, then, stunned when 2 huge Steinway pianos were rolled to stage. They were positioned face-to-face and overlapping. Great. I couldn’t see – just the pianists. No wonder these seats were inexpensive.

But all was saved when the pianists appeared – two attractive women. Christina and Michelle Naughton are world renown . I wished Emily, practicing the violin and wanting to learn the piano, could have seen them. Just fantastic.

What a great city. A Classic doubleheader followed a week later by Opening Day. Over the next two months it will be Braun and Beethoven and Fielder and Tchaikovsky and Greinker.



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