Pooh Bear, Clete, and the Wizard Of Oz

March 20, 2011

(I’m cheating. This post was first published four weeks ago. But I’m on a 4-day trip with family. So you have to wait a little longer for new stuff

I turned 57 on February 25. I am old. And so many things remind me of it.

Andrew had baseball practice Wednesday night. That’s right, baseball practice in March in Wisconsin. His favorite Brewers player, Ryan Braun, had talked about his own enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Andrew sometimes wonders if he’ll be with the Brewers in time to play with Braun. Or sometimes he will be pitching with Giants ace Tim Lincecum. Boy, to be an 11-year old baseball fan.

For me it had been Clete Boyer, the Yankees’ great-glove/no-bat third baseman. Boyer had played with “the Mick”, Maris and Whitey Ford. They had the Rings – and so did Clete Boyer. I wanted to take Boyer’s place.  That’s almost 50 years ago.

A couple of nights ago Andrew read “Winnie the Pooh” to me.  It’s difficult  for me to read it to Andrew and Emily because of surgery years ago. My Dad read it to me and my brother Bill. I hope the A-Train and this old Dad will be reading it every night to completion. You probably have a similar book or moment.

And on the day before my birthday Emily and I shared the Wizard of Oz. It is one of my Top 10 movies. I remember watching it on Sunday night 50 years ago. There were no video tapes or movie channels. It was on once a year. And everyone talked about it at school the next day. My Diva cuddles up close when the Witch first appears. The old Dad still laughs with the great one-liners (Dorothy:”the oil can”; Scarecrow: “Oil can what?”).

Decades can fly by.

The current, of course, reminds you of your age. There’s Facebook. All day friends and relatives e-mail about how happy they are for you and to know you. It’s great – and a reminder. Ouch.

Brother Bill, 12 months younger, called from Denver. Son Bill, 30-years old, called from Indy.  Grandson Ian is doing well. I love them.  (Note: Nicol is Scottish. So the males are Robert, William, Andrew, Ian, William and Cameron.).

Kate, my bride and partner, has made me and saved me. Her remark on my “special” day: “You need to get to the gym.” Sweet.    

There is the reminder the MRI brain scan at the medical center is only days away. 

I’m really old. I’m a really old guy who has a really good life.  This really old guy is looking forward to a really great year.

Then again, if the Yanks don’t get more pitching the damn Red Sox are going to the Series and it will be a brutal 12 months……


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