March 15, 2011

Brokers have it easy. For them there is no complication, art or science to the ticket transaction. But I have season tickets for the Milwaukee Brewers. And there are important aspects to the buying and selling of the tix.

First, of course, can you afford the tickets? I really bought a package of 20 games. My 20-pack entitles me to the same seat location for all of the games. 

There have been half and full season ticket programs. I don’t know how any one person could justify it. Corporations might have a legitiment reason to buy those packages. But life is too short, busy and interesting even for a person like me.

And there is cost. My two seats in the Loge behind home plate cost me $1500 (actually, they cost $1440. Marketing?). To much? Well, consider see (or rational):

1. I don’t fish, hunt, boat. I’m not an outdoors man. All those cost;

2. The “package” gives a deep discount. My seats cost $37 not $45 per;

3. And Andrew loves baseball. He came to it on his own. Really. Going is a “Dad and son bonding” opportunity. Really, no kidding.

Hey, I could go see the “The Kings Speech” 20 times and no one would considerate it a waiste of time. OK, bad example. 

I sought authority and approval from the high command – Kate. That’s pretty expensive. How about a 9-pack (marketing)? I get the discount. That’s a lot of games. I’m going to sell 6 or seven. I’ve heard that before. No really. They’ll be in demand. What package? Sunday again. We’re Episcopalians. We don’t have to be there every week. Fine. Saturday, not Sunday.                  

Now, which to sell and for how much. The cost was easy – sell them for my costs.

The big challenge is sell enough and still keep attractive games. Given the NL Central, you don’t want to get stuck with the Pirates, right? The Saturday package had a real benefit. Most of my tix were for Friday and Saturday in one weekend. 

So I can sell the Twins on Friday and Andrew and I can go on Saturday. Same with the Cardinals, Phillies, Reds and Cubs. I can keep the singletons with the Rockies and Giants. Heck, I might be able to sell Houston.

My prospects look good. Only the Pirates, typically eliminated when teams break spring training camp, will be a real problem.

Unfortunatly I have tix for 3 of them. Even brokers have a hard time with those. I hope the High Command understands.


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